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Journal Website Design & Development

Get Your Own Journal Publication Website

We do provide Journal publication website design & development, Online journal article submission system development & Journal website maintenance & updating services.

The design and development of a journal website is a critical component of any publication’s brand identity. 

Journal Website Design & Development
Why website is necessary for any Journal?

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Features Of Our Journal Website Design Service

Note: Please note that this list is not exhaustive, and we can accommodate additional features or customization requests based on your needs.

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FAQs Relates To Our Journal Website Design Service

What is journal publication website?

The design of a journal website plays a crucial role in defining the modern publication style and allows for a digital presentation of the publication, potentially reaching a much larger audience than the print product.

Why publishers should invest in journal website?

Despite the significant investment that many publishers make into monthly operations for print magazine issues, they often neglect to invest in the design and development of their journal website. However, with advertisers showing a strong interest in placing ads on journal websites, there is now a growing trend of allocating budgets towards publication web design projects.

This highlights the immediate value and ability to execute website advertising programs, making website design a crucial element in the overall performance of a journal/publication brand.

Do you provide online articles submission system in the website? & What is that?

We integrate a comprehensive online article or manuscript submission system into your website, allowing you to receive papers or articles through digital channels.

Do you also help to get ISSN for Journals?

We specialize in building journal websites that comply with ISSN guidelines and can assist our clients in obtaining ISSNs for their journals by providing guidance and support.

Do you also help to index articles with platforms like Google Scholar, DOAJ & more?

We offer assistance to our clients in indexing their journal articles/manuscripts on various platforms such as Google Scholar, DOAJ, and more.

Do you offer training on how to use the journal management system?

Absolutely, we provide team training and guidance to ensure your staff is comfortable using the journal management system.

Can you provide examples of journal websites you have designed?

Certainly, we can share a portfolio of the journal websites we’ve designed upon request to give you an idea of our work quality. Contact us for Portfolios via Chat

Will our website be compliant with Open Access standards?

Yes, we can build your website to be fully compliant with Open Access standards, ensuring that your content is freely and publicly accessible.

Do you provide journal website update & maintenance services too?

Yes, we also provide journal website update & maintenance services.

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What is maintenance service? What are the charges for it? Any complementary?

Our maintenance service includes minor or major changes to your website, such as corrections, design modifications, and custom work.

We provide up to 3 months of free complimentary maintenance service after the delivery of your project. After this period, charges will be applicable*.

The cost of maintenance depends on the work required, but the standard rate is usually ₹200/10USD per task or ₹500/20USD per hour, whichever is higher.

Is it required to update the journal website frequently? & What are the charges for it?

The frequency of website updates depends on various factors, such as the website’s complexity and potential security risks. Typically, updates are recommended at least once or twice a year to ensure your website remains secure and up-to-date.

Our team will notify you when updates are necessary, and it will be up to you whether you want to proceed with the update. We prioritize your website’s security and recommend that you keep your website updated to minimize any security vulnerabilities.”

When upgrading journals, we follow a strict protocol to ensure the process is smooth and efficient. Our protocol includes:.

Three layers of data backup
No journal downtime
Upgrading on our own server
Safe recording of article DOI
No effect on indexed articles
Theme and plugin upgrades
On-time delivery
A highly professional team
Guaranteed success rate of 100%
Over 200 journal websites already upgraded
Satisfactory final release/deployment

The charges for the upgrade will depend on the journal and its article size. For more information about our journal website upgrade service, please visit our journal website upgrade service

Do you provide domain and web hosting services too? & What are the renewal charges for it?

We offer domain and web hosting services to our clients

Our current price for shared web hosting (US data center) is ₹2,999 per year, and for VPS hosting (local server), it is ₹7,999 per year.

The domain price depends on the current price of the registrar. We can assist you in choosing and registering a domain for your website, and we offer competitive pricing on domain registration and renewal services.

Do you handle data migration from an existing website to a new journal website?

Yes, we offer services for migrating your data securely from your current platform to the new journal website.

Will our journal website be optimized for search engines (SEO)?

Yes, we ensure that your journal website is search engine optimized to help increase visibility and attract more readers and submissions.

Can the website handle a high number of concurrent submissions without crashing?

We ensure that the journal websites we develop are robust and can handle a significant load, including a high number of concurrent submissions, without performance issues.

How do you manage backups and data recovery for the journal website?

We implement automated backup solutions with secure storage to ensure that your data can be recovered in the event of any unforeseen incidents.