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Journal Website Upgrade Service (OJS Upgrade)

Upgrade Your OJS Journal Website To Its Latest Version

We offer professional OJS upgrade services that can help you upgrade your journal website to the latest version of OJS. Our experienced team of experts handles the upgrading process with great care and attention to detail, ensuring a seamless transition for your website.

Our team has successfully upgraded many OJS-based journal websites, which makes us well-equipped to handle your specific requirements.

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Altechmind Journal Website Upgrade Services (OJS Upgrade)
Why do you need to regularly upgrade your (OJS journal website)?

Journal Website Upgrade

As an OJS-based journal management platform, regular upgrades are essential to enhance the productivity, compatibility, security, and functionality of your journal website. Upgrading to the latest version of OJS can provide new security patches that protect against unexpected security bugs that could threaten your journal data, including DOI records, articles, galleys, and other essential records.

Additionally, the latest version of OJS can help to prevent indexing issues, ensuring that your journal remains visible and accessible to readers and contributors. Our expert team provides professional OJS upgrade services to help you seamlessly transition to the latest version, ensuring your journal continues to function optimally and meet your unique needs.

Upgrade OJS 2.x to 3.3

OJS 2.x is the very older version, it should be updated to OJS 3.3 as soon as possible to prevent any vulnerability.

Upgrade OJS 3.x to 3.X

If you are using any versions older than OJS on your website, you should upgrade it as quickly as possible.
Why should you choose our journal website upgrade (OJS Upgrade) service?

At every stage of the OJS website upgrade process, our team follows a strict protocol and standard operating procedures (SOP) to ensure that your data remains secure and that we deliver a 100% satisfactory result. You can trust us to handle your journal website upgrade with professionalism and expertise.

We Follow:-

Data Backup (3 Layers)

At our company, we take the safety of your data seriously. That's why we provide three layers of data backup as a standard part of our service. You can trust that your journal website data will be kept safe and secure throughout the upgrade process.

No Journal Website Downtime

We understand the importance of keeping your journal website running smoothly, which is why we ensure that there is no downtime during the upgrade process. We upgrade your journal on our local system so that your website remains available to users without interruption.

Safe DOI, Indexed Articles

We take care to maintain the integrity of your journal's article DOI numbers during the upgrade process, ensuring that there are no negative effects on your indexed articles. You can trust that your journal's content will remain easily accessible and properly identified with their respective DOI numbers.

Default Theme & Plugins Upgrade

As part of our OJS upgrade service, we not only upgrade your OJS version, but we also update your default theme and plugins to ensure that your journal website remains fully functional and up-to-date. This helps to enhance the user experience and ensure that your journal website looks and functions at its best.

Install Essential Plugins & Check Pages

We install essential plugins and meticulously check and fix all your static pages one by one. This ensures that your website is optimized for speed, functionality, and user experience, providing a seamless browsing experience for your visitors/authors/reviewers/editors.

Fix Editorial Workflow & Member Page.

As part of our OJS upgrade service, we carefully check and fix any issues with your editorial workflow and editorial member page. This ensures that your journal's editorial process runs smoothly and efficiently, improving the overall quality of your published articles.

Fix Email Notification & Google Analytics Setup

As a part of our OJS upgrade service, we also check and fix the email notification setup and Google Analytics setup to ensure smooth functionality of your journal website.

On-time Delivery With Proper Report

We ensure on-time delivery of our OJS upgrade service and provide a detailed report of the upgrading process, including any errors or failures encountered, as well as a final success message.
Select the plan that best fits your requirements

These plans are specifically designed for a single OJS instance and are tailored to upgrade OJS only from version 3.x to OJS 3.X.


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Ready to launch your dream journal website? Let's discuss your requirements

Ready to launch your dream journal website? Let's discuss your requirements