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Journal Website Upgrade Service (OJS Upgrade)

Upgrade Your OJS Journal Website To Its Latest Version

Journal Website Upgrade Service (OJS Upgrade)2

We do provide a professional ojs upgrade service to upgrade your Journal Website to ojs latest version.

Most importantly the process of upgrading the website is done with care and handled by an experienced team that has upgraded many ojs based Journal Websites.

Why do you need to regularly upgrade your ojs journal website?

Using the Open Journal Systems (OJS) framework as a journal management platform, it needs upgrades at regular intervals in order to enhance its productivity, compatibility, security, and functionality.

The latest version of the Journal Website allows you to get the new security patches from the unexpected and the security bug to prevent threatening the data of your journal including the DOI record, articles and its galleys, and other important records. It also helps journals to prevent any indexing issues.

Upgrade OJS 2.X to 3.x

OJS 2.x is the very older version, it should be updated to OJS 3.x as soon as possible to prevent any vulnerability.

Upgrade OJS 3.X to 3.3

If you are using any versions older than OJS on your website, you should upgrade it as quickly as possible.

Why should you choose our journal website upgrade (OJS Upgrade) service?

Each time while upgrading OJS website, we do follow complete protocol & our created SOP to keep your data safe and give a 100% satisfactory result.

We Follow:

Three layers of data backup (Keeping your data safe is our topmost priority).

No journal downtime (We upgrade your journal on our local system).

Safe records of article DOI number & no effects on indexed articles.

We do upgrade your ojs default theme & plugins along with ojs upgrade.

We do plugin setting for the compatible plugin version.

Install essential plugins, and check & fix all your static pages one by one.

Check & fix editorial workflow & editorial member page.

Check & fix email notifications setup & Google analytics setup bonus.

We have upgraded more than 250 OJS-based Journal Websites.

On-time delivery with a proper report on ojs upgrading process. (Errors, Failure, And Final Success Message)

Hand over the project only after your 100% satisfied confirmation.

Testimonial of our satisfied clients

Upgrade your ojs journal website to avoid any vulnerability

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