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OJS Website Services ( For Journal )

We do provide complete OJS Website Services, so editorial members could use a hassle-free journal management system(JMS).

We help research institutions, and academic professionals around the world establish online journals using the Open Journal Systems (OJS).

And we offer complete solutions like- OJS Website Design, OJS Hosting, OJS Upgrade, OJS Customization OJS Guide & Support




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#1 Service Provider For Open Journal System Website

List Of Our OJS Website Services For Journal

OJS Design

OJS Website Design & Development

We do provide journal publication website design & development, that helps publishers to accept, peer-to-peer reviews & publish their articles on the website.
OJS Support

OJS Support Bundle (OSB)

Whether you need ongoing support, regular maintenance, or major upgrades, our OJS Support Bundle has you covered.
OJS Upgrade

OJS Website Upgrade Service (Journal Upgrade)

We do provide a professional OJS upgrade service to upgrade your Journal Website to OJS latest version. Upgrade OJS 2.X to 3.x

OJS Training & Guidance (Journal Website)

We do provide OJS training & guidance to editorial members, so they could use a hassle-free journal management system(JMS).

FAQS For OJS Website (Journal Website)

What is OJS (Open Journal System)?

Open Journal Systems (OJS) is an open-source software application for managing and publishing scholarly journals.

Originally developed and released by PKP in 2001 to improve access to research, it is the most widely used open-source journal publishing platform in existence.

What is the work of OJS?

Open Journal Systems (OJS) was designed to facilitate the development of open access, peer-reviewed publishing/

It provides the technical infrastructure for the presentation of journal articles along with an editorial-management workflow, including article submission, peer-review, and indexing.

How author can submit article on OJS?

Read the complete process submit an article to the OJS based journal website:- Click Here To Read

What is the latest version of OJS?

Here are the latest versions of OJS (Open Journal System)- Click Here To Check

What is journal publication website?
Journal website design defines the modern publication style and provides for the digital presentation of the publication to a potentially much larger audience than the print design product.

We do provide complete OJS Website Services, so your editorial members could use a hassle-free end-to-end journal management system(JMS).
Why publishers should invest in journal website?
Many publishers make a significant investment into monthly operations to publish each print magazine issue yet fail to invest in their Journal website Design and development.

As advertisers seek placement on Journal websites, we are seeing strong interest and budgets for publication web design projects.

Immediate value and the ability to immediately execute website advertising programs make this a magazine brand element that must be designed for performance.
Does OJS is an ISSN accepted website system?

Yes, OJS is an ISSN Accepted website. Only you have to take care of their requirement while developing OJS based website.

Does OJS helps indexing in Google Scholar?

Yes, OJS has the function to get started indexing automatically in Google Scholar. Only you have to follow their requirements like:-

Up To Date Website.
Secure & Malware Free Website
DOI Enabled
ISSN Number
Plagiarism Free Articles
Verified Publication Details
Verified of Editorial Board Members

& more


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